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Fillipp is the global leader in local businesses marketing solutions.

Our robust platform turbo charge your sales by providing you multiple direct lines of communication and engagement with your customers.

Simple to use and brilliant in design our websites, Mobile Apps, Deals, messaging system are completely customizable to your specific needs. So basically this is a turn-key local business opportunity with NO EXPERINCE NEEDED.

Yet all our system features have one marvelous thing in common… fantastic results!


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    Deals/Coupons Builder

    Everyone loves finding a great deal but not everyone has the time to look. That will not be a problem for your customers any longer.
    With Fillipp, in a matter of seconds businesses are able to post Daily Specials, an upcoming BOGO sale or even a 25% off Coupon right to their customer’s phone or email address.

    Text Messaging (Completely Unique system)

    It is now an indisputable fact that SMS marketing is the single most effective and powerful way on the planet to get timely news, offers and deals to each and every one of your valuable customers.
    The Fillipp

    Website Creation (Your Own Domain)

    With Fillipp, business website can be designed and customized as per their details and business profile.
    It would then be hosted on a unique web domain name of the business choice like YOURBUSINESSNAME.COM.

    Mobile App Development

    Good mobile user experience requires a different design than what's needed to satisfy desktop users hence we designed our program in such a way so that it can built customized Mobile App like Mobile website and consumers can browse the details on the go and would get and redeem the promotional activities of the business at their device itself.
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    Local Business Fact

    Benefits of selling on a deal site

    According to the http://www.ibisworld.com/industry/daily-deals-sites.html growth of Deals websites are 147.1% during 2009-14.

    The benefits could be described simply as you offer a bargain to the discount site’s vast number of subscribers for a limited period, and gain access to a huge number of new customers. These users are apparently prone to spending considerably more than the voucher they purchase, helping bump up profits for your business.

    Communication Is The Key

    According to the Maritz 2013 Report 94% of Local businesses Program members want communications from the programs they participate in.

    With Deals/ Coupons, Punch Cards, Social Broadcasting, Text Messaging, and even Email if you choose, our Robust Platform leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing you ways to engage and inform your customer base about your business.

    Income Potential

    Due to local businesses huge demand for Deals/ Coupons, Website, Mobile app and text messaging services, your income potential is not only endless, but unmatchable.

    • Revenue from one Business*
    • $200/mo

    • Revenue from hundred Businesses*
    • $20,000/mo

    *These results are not guaranteed and are estimates only.

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